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Shield Surfers - FREE

开发 Pushing Box Studios

If you enjoy challenging games, you will love Shield Surfers! Prepare yourself to use all your agility and compete against players across the world. Shield Surfers is based on a memorable scene from The Lord of the Rings, those who are actually fans will remember well.▲ Shield Surfers is a medieval fantasy arcade with awesome graphics for pixel art fans. Control four epic archers surfing on shields and battle against a huge army of orcs.
▲ Defeat the bosses and intimidate the orcs with your mightness! Great enemies need great heroes to beat them.
▲ You are not alone in this battle, be careful to not shoot your allies on the battlefield, is your duty to protect them againts the orcs.
▲ The enemy horde is at the front of the battlefield, but you'll be surfing and destroying every existing enemy in the game! Get ready to tire your fingers with so many enemies on your screen!
▲ For an epic archer, epic arrows are in need! So, do not get used to normal arrows that you see in movies, get ready to destroy your enemies using different kinds of arrows, made especially to challenge even more your game.
▲ Shield Surfers enables you to share your results in the global ranking and also, if you want, on your Facebook timeline.
★★★ SUPORT ★★★
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